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Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask An Expert, Ranjit Rai from Raicon shares advice for finding and securing a quality custom home builder.
Q: How do I find a quality custom home builder?
Ranjit Rai: 
  1. The first place I would start to find a quality home builder is through your interior designer, if you happen to be working with one. Most interior designers work with custom home builders and they will know the quality, the types of homes that they’ve built in the past, and if they would be a good fit working with you. 
  1. Another source would be your local real estate agent. Real estate agents work with custom home builders, they know their quality, and they can do a referral to you if you’re working with them. 
  1. Another options is to search online for custom home builders to see if they have any type of video footage of the types of homes they have done and if that meets your needs and what you’re looking for.  
  1. A lesser-known resource is your local banker, who should not only have some recommendations for a custom home builder, but could also be able to tell you which companies have completed projects on a timely basis and on-budget. 
  1. Another source is your local home builder association. Home builders associations annually recognize custom builders and they’ll post them on their websites, showcasing the types of homes they’ve built and the quality. 
  1. One final source I would recommend is your friends and family. If there is a company or companies they’ve used or looked into in the past, and they can pass along that information, it will make your task of finding a quality custom home builder much easier and faster. 
To learn more about custom home building services, check out the Raicon website. 
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