Published on July 31, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Everyone wants a solid foundation in their relationship but how can you actually be real in them? Life coach Reno Johnston discusses the art of being real. Reno says that the end goal in a relationship is connection. The idea is the more authentic we are, the deeper we can connect to our significant other.

What does it take to be authentic? Reno says that it is embracing vulnerability. He says we come into the world, into our day to day with masks on, with expectations and desired outcomes. The idea is to go beyond skin deep, to remove those layers that separate us from that person that we are connecting with. Reno says that to do that we need to become vulnerable, to share those parts of us that we are afraid to share because we might not be liked, loved, honored or appreciated. These people then mirror that vulnerability back to us.

Reno acknowledges that individuals who act in a dramatic fashion can be seen in two ways. They may be afraid to show their authenticity or not understanding how to have an authentic relationship.  On the other hand, dramatics can also be a form of authenticity by showing sadness or anger and emotions. Reno uses the catchphrase ‘’being on or off’’ on an emotional level, therefore meeting and accepting each other where we are at.

If you want an authentic relationship, you must be an authentic person. That is why we are immediately drawn to some individuals.  We feel their true self radiating outwards and they are instantly charming and disarming. They come forward from a genuine space. Authenticity and conductivity will lead you to not only want to get from a relationship but also want to give into a partnership. You must want to give of yourself and hold nothing back. That is the gateway to authenticity and there is freedom in that.


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