Published on March 29, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Easter egg decorating is a fun, family-friendly tradition that’s been around for centuries, dating back to ancient Persian times. Family-friendliness aside, traditional dyes tend to be laden with chemicals, and in recent years, the time-worn tradition of decorating eggs has been dubbed largely eco-unfriendly. Fortunately for Easter egg fanatics far and wide, there are a variety of ways to partake in the fun, sans dye. DIY expert, Deanne Duke, shows us a few alternate ways to decorate Easter eggs.

For preschoolers and toddlers:

At this age, opting for traditional Easter egg dyes is not only eco-unfriendly, it’s also very messy! Skip the mess entirely by substituting with stickers. Not only will your kids have a blast, but they can decorate using this method without hawk-like supervision.

What you’ll need: boiled eggs and a sheet of stickers.

For school-aged kids:

For a more traditional decorating technique, water-soluble craft paint will do the trick! Water color paint is another option if your child happens to be a young Picasso. The best thing about these methods is that these paints don’t stain, whilst still delivering rich and vibrant color.

What you’ll need: boiled eggs, paintbrushes, and water color paint OR craft paint

For a less traditional take on your Easter eggs, consider this trendy accent: glitter. In addition to being a mainstay in the makeup world, glittery Easter eggs are unique, eclectic, and not that difficult to recreate. Simply sprints your egg with spray adhesive and then roll it in a pile of glitter. If you can’t get your hands on a spray adhesive, your little ones can simply apply craft glue to their eggs using a paintbrush.

What you’ll need: boiled eggs, glue, and a spray adhesive OR a paint brush and craft glue

For school-aged kids AND adults:

This vintage-esq decorating idea is so clever, adults just might want to partake! Using a classic papier-mâché technique, cover your egg entirely in book pages. Once the pages dry, you can get creative with decorative accents, such as ribbon, lace, buttons, or flower decals.

What you’ll need: boiled eggs, book pages, 


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