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Today on the show deals with two bourgeoning trendsoutdoor living and teak furnitureand we’re big fans of both! For this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Sharleen Kneeland chats with David Stansfield of The Teak Tree about some beautiful teak furniture pieces that are on-trend right now, how to style them, and how to care for them.
Where does The Teak Tree’s teak come from?
The Teak Tree sources all of their teak from sustainable plantations in Indonesia. 
What makes teak furniture a great option for your outdoor space?
The natural oil in the wood is what makes teak a great option for outdoor furniture. The natural oil repels water, which makes it weather-resistant and not prone to warping. Teak is also pest-resistant, rust-resistant, low maintenance, and (if cared for properly) teak can last a lifetime. 
How to you care for and maintain teak furniture?
Brand new teak furniture has a honey brown color. Over time, the rich color of the teak will likely weather out to more of a grey color. If you prefer for your teak to retain its original honey brown color, David recommends using a natural teak oil two to three times a year. To clean teak furniture, use soap and water. For a deeper clean, mix in a small amount of vinegar or bleach. 
To see what else The Teak Tree has to offer, check out their website
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