Published on March 31, 2019 by Marc & Mandy
Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask An Expert, Mario Falconi from Concrete Innovations talks about the benefits of garage trench drains.
Q: What are the benefits of installing a garage trench drain?
Mario Falconi: When snow melts off your car into the garage, it makes a mess, it can freeze the garage door shut, and ice up your driveway. Melted snow contains salt, dirt, and other chemicals, and can also erode the surface of your garage floor. Installing a garage trench drain diverts the water away from the garage door and the driveway and alleviates these issues. Garage trench drains can be installed year-round. They are placed within your garage and trap the water before it gets to the door and the driveway. This system offers a permanent solution to water pooling and ice buildup, saving you time and keeping you safe throughout the winter. 
Q: Can I install a garage trench drain myself or should I look for a professional?
MF: It’s important to hire a reputable professional or company. There are a number of contractor review sites and other online resources that offer verified reviews. You can also Google “trench drain contractors” and some may even include videos explaining the process. The more information you have, the better.
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