Published on March 28, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

It’s no secret that children love sweets; it’s also no secret how bad for them these sweet typically are. To help you encourage healthier eating this Easter, Marc and Mandy show viewers a few great ideas for candy-free Easter baskets.


Stuffed Animal Basket

What you’ll need: a balloon, yarn, glue, stuffed animals

Basket Instructions:

  • Blow up a balloon
  • Dip yarn in glue, and wrap it around the baloon
  • Let it dry, and pop the balloon
  • Cut a hole in the front
  • Embellish your creation with ribbon and beads, and stuff it with stuffed animals and other toys

Activity-Packed Basket

What you’ll need: a transparent case, games and activities of your choosing


To recreate this activity-packed Easter basket, spend some time collecting interactive games and activities your little one might like. This could be anything from bowling pins to coloring books to story books to bubbles. Once you’ve collected all your swag, simply pack it all up in your transparent case and you’re good to go!


Egg Hunt Basket

What you’ll need: an egg hunt basket, toys and books of your choosing


This is another super simple basket idea which involves an egg hunt basket, stuffed with toys, books, and other items your child might like. 


Rain Boots Basket

What you’ll need: a pair of rain boots, activities for a rainy day


This inventive basket idea calls for very little creative skill. All you’ll need to do is gather supplies that might interest your child on a rainy day, and stuff them into a pair of rain boots. To up the ante on the boots, fasten a pair of handles to each of the boots for easier transport. Embellish your boots with ribbon, bows, Easter grass, or however you see fit. 


Umbrella Basket

What you’ll need: umbrella, Easter grass, stuffed animals, toys and books of your choosing


Also well suited for a rainy day is this umbrella basket, which features an umbrella flipped upside down. You can then fill the umbrella with Easter grass, (to mimic actual grass), a larger stuffed animal, and activities and toys of your choosing. 


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