Published on November 19, 2019 by videoposts

Mandy gets to interview hypnotist Jason Cyrus.



  • Darren Scrubb 2 months ago

    Important information that many people need to hear coming from this amazing hypnotist.

  • Monica S 2 months ago

    Very interesting information!

  • Holly S 2 months ago

    What a cool show!

  • Eric 2 months ago

    This is hilarious. I have always wondered if I would be susceptible to hypnotism.

  • Clifford Perkins 1 month ago

    I have thought about being hypnotized but always worry that I would do something really stupid while under. I’ve been to a few shows but never gone on stage. This was a good interview and who knows I just may get up the nerve one of these days.

  • Janet Lance 1 month ago

    This guy is amazing. Would love to see him live!

  • John McL 1 month ago

    You’re getting sleepy…..

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