Published on November 5, 2019 by videoposts

Sarah Richardson shares with Christine Da Costa her start in interior design.



  • Kim Nash 3 months ago

    Love ms richardson

  • Valerie Caldicott 3 months ago

    been watching Sarah for many years & always enjoy her videos/shows

  • john McL 2 months ago

    Does she have, like 30 shows airing at any given time?

  • Monica S 2 months ago

    That kitchen is amazing!

  • Darren Scrubb 2 months ago

    Important information concerning Interior Designing that everybody interested in this topic must hear.

  • Maria Leandres 2 months ago

    Love Sarahs Style, been following her for many years

  • Kim 1 month ago

    Sarah Richardson is always a favourite!

  • Cathy L Brown 1 month ago

    I loved your first show when you did sewing.

  • Michelle Li 1 week ago

    THank you for the show.

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