Published on July 11, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Christine Da Costa shares tips to help you find the right ceiling fan for your home.

Ceiling fans have changed a lot in the last decade, with newer models tending to transcend mere function, serving a more decorative purpose. Of course, traditional fans are still out there, in addition to more contemporary models and edgier styles to better suit your home’s existing décor. 

There are two things you should consider before you head to the lighting store

  • Know the square footage of your room.
  • Know the height of your room. 

These two factors should decide the type of fan you purchase. TIP For a smaller room, consider purchasing a model with a built-in light fixture. There are also flush-mount (aka ceiling-hugger) models available at most lighting stores, which can also be a smart choice for a room with a low ceiling. 

Also consider how you would like to control your fan, aka turning it on and off. The most common methods of control include wall switches, remotes, or old-school pull chains. 

Finally, don’t forget about energy efficiency! Relatively new on the market, are DM motors, which are 70% more energy efficient than traditional motors, in addition to being just as powerful. 


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