Published on June 9, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Evelyn Eshun visits Greensville Soapstone and creates two gorgeous kitchen inspiration boards: one beachy, casual look and one urban, formal look.

What makes a gorgeous kitchen? There are so many elements, ranging from cabinetry to natural light sources to the kind of wall art you display. One more important element: your countertops. 

In terms of durability, cleanliness, and timeless elegance and beauty, soapstone is a definite front-runner. What other countertop is completely resistant to stains and bacteria? In addition to having a unique silky smooth texture, soapstone is heat resistant and will last you a lifetime, save a scratch here or there, which can be remedied using mineral oil. 

If you’re looking to style your soapstone countertops, consider your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. In addition to being left in its natural state, which could suit kitchens with a beach or cottage vibe, soapstone can be enhanced with a beeswax oil combination, which could suit a more contemporary kitchen, with predominately dark wood and shiny finishes. The fact that soapstone can suite either style, not to mention many more, simply speaks to its versatility as a kitchen countertop material. 

Interested in learning more about Soapstone? Visit Greensville Soapstone Company’s website to view their image gallery and to shop soapstone products.

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