Published on July 11, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Tracy Christman of Budget Blinds shares four of today’s hottest design trends that you can use in your own home.

For anyone looking to update their home’s decor, Budget Blinds has identified four major design trends, in an effort to help homeowners to achieve the design aesthetic that best suits them, their families, and the space they call “home.”

High-end Design

Making your home look high-end doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly affair. The experts at Budget Blinds suggest fusing both and contemporary and traditional design elements, for an overall look comprised of the best of every decade. In particular, pay attention to lines and finishes, opting for fine lines and smooth finishes for a refined, polished, and expensive look. 

Eclectic Design

If you want your space to make a statement, consider decorating with an eclectic theme in mind, drawing your inspiration from many different, unexpected sources. For instance, pairing wild animal prints with vivid, bold colors, or mixed metals with lush textiles, such as a piled rug. 

Design Using the Latest Colors

Budget Blinds forecasts that pastels, as well as orange, purple, blue, and brown hues are on-trend for home decorating schemes this season. These hues create a rather versatile palette, allowing homeowners to incorporate colors that may already be present in their homes into their new decorating schemes. 

Design Using Mixed Metals

It really doesn’t matter if you’re mixing gold, silver, or bronze, so long as they come together in a way that’s not arbitrary. To achieve this, opt for some degree of repetition when it comes to your metals. In other words, if you feature a bronze lighting treatment in your living area, ensure that bronze is popping up somewhere else in your space as well in the interests of cohesion, perhaps via small, noncommittal accessories such as picture frames. 



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