Published on May 25, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

What do you do if affection for mom far exceeds your spending budget? Get DIY-ing, of course! In that spirit, DIY expert, Anita shows us how to home-make three great gifts that are perfect for mom.

No-sew Makeup Bag

What you’ll need: two pieces of fabric, no-sew glue, scissors, iron, pins

Using no-sew glue, secure two bolts of fabric together on all four sides. The fabric pieces should be rectangular and long in length, with one of the shorter sides cut into a rounded shape. After gluing, let the fabric dry for 72 hours and then iron it. Then, to form the makeup bag, fold the fabric into an envelope, and secure the sides with no-sew glue.

Paper Beads

What you’ll need: paper, toothpicks, glue, clear nail polish

Cut any kind of paper – magazine, maps, book pages – into long strips. Ensure one side of the strip is thicker than the other. Then, starting with the thicker side, begin rolling the paper around a toothpick and keep winding until you’ve reached the thin end of the strip. Once you’ve rolled the entire length of the strip, use glue to secure the paper strip, and once you’ve given the glue a few minutes to dry, remove the toothpick and use clear nail polish to seal the entire paper bead.

Tongue Depressor Bracelets

What you’ll need: tongue depressors, boiling water, cup, paint, decorative gems

First things first, boil a few cups of water. While the water is heating up, line a heat-safe cup with tongue depressors. Once the water has reached a boil, simply pour the hot water into your cup with the tongue depressors. Let the depressors sit in the cup for about 24-hours, before removing them to decorate. Use paint and your choice of decorating accents to adorn the bracelets.


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