Published on September 20, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Spice up your kitchen table for Thanksgiving with this simple DIY centrepiece.

Make Your Own Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and for those of you expecting an influx of friends and family, you might be inclined to beautify your home and personalize your Thanksgiving tablescape. If this is your prerogative, a great way to dress up any table is with a beautiful centerpiece. To make your own, all you’ll need is floral foam, spray paint, a container, fake flowers and foliage, and a little bit of creativity and patience. 
Some things to keep in mind when constructing your floral centerpiece:
  • As a general rule, you want to ensure your centerpiece is no higher than 14 inches.
  • If you’re not a big fan of the look of floral foam, consider spray painting it with white paint for a more classic, frosted look. 
  • Chose a spot to make your focal point and place your main attraction, like your favorite flower, in that location. 
  • Focus on creating a balanced look, using your focal point as the high point in your creation, and then having the rest of the foliage compliment it. 
  • Be creative when making your centerpiece and consider adding organic elements of fall like pine cones and pretty fall leaves. 

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