Published on September 1, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Chunky, bulky, cozy sweaters can be a total Godsend during those chilly winter months, but styling is key if you want to look chic rather than frumpy. Fashion expert, Kayla Wan, of Loka Boutique, shares how to dress up a bulky sweater so that’s it more appropriate for a day or night out.

Roll The Cuffs

One of the main issues with bulky sweaters, is that they envelope the entire body without giving way to the person inside. One way you can better enforce a sense of shape is by rolling up the sleeves. This leaves room for accessories, such as a bunch of bracelets, a watch, or rings. 

Opt For Skinny Pants

The key to pulling off a bulky sweater is maintaining balance between your top and bottom. So, if your sweater is on the big side, you want to balance out the outfit by wearing slim-fitting pants, be it skinny jeans or tights. Skinny bottoms with some sort of detailing, such as distressing or embellishment, will add some visual intrigue to your outfit. TIP Since your sweater will have volume, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit slim, right down to your shoes. Opt for shoes that are visually un-obstructive such as runners, booties, or flats.

Accessorize Wisely

Again, you want to consider visual balance when accessorizing a bulky sweater. Since the sweater already has a lot of volume, your accessory game should be minimalistic. Think: a long pendant necklace, and a few bracelets or a watch. TIP With loose knits, beware of jewelry embellishments which might snag on the fabric.


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