Published on April 18, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Every girl wants to look good and feel great. Our emotions can sometimes dictate that. Mandy has invited our good friend and stylist Kayla from Loka Boutique and she has some suggestions for us in the way we dress to fit our mood.

The first look is the comfy, cozy look, the way we want to feel every day.  We have a big chunky cardigan for those colder days (and which also hides everything that you don’t want to show).   Mandy compares chunky cardigans to big hugs that you wear and Kayla refers to them as essentially cozy blankets.

The next look is fleece lined leggings which are like blankets right against your legs. So cozy in fact, that you won’t want to take them off!  A large scarf completes the look without the need for extra jewelry. With a simple pair of cute flat shoes, you are good to go with this beautiful outfit.

The next look is a happy look. Even though the top is neutral, it drives the eye upwards because of the bling in the gorgeous necklace.  Just that spruces up the outfit, without the need to add full makeup, , and that alone will make you feel pretty and joyful.  Tall boots will make the ensemble sexier. Every woman needs a tall pair of beautiful boots in her wardrobe for any occasion. They can be paired with dark washed skinny jeans and a neutral color can be worn for any season.

Our last mood is for a flirtatious feeling with a very sexy dress. This look is a jazzed-up version of the classic little black dress. This is a very sleek and confident looking dress which is paired with a beautiful gold accented necklace and neutral high-heeled shoes. The look is very elegant and sophisticated. The shoes have a solid heel and can be dressed down for daytime such as with jeans or a simpler dress.  The important thing is to have fun when matching your wardrobe to your mood!



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