Published on July 6, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Nothing tastes quite as good as when it’s cooked in the great outdoors. In that spirit, Mandy shows us some great camping recipes, including DIY percolated coffee, cinnamon buns, and an omelet in a bag! Keep reading for these three clever recipes. 

DIY Percolated Coffee

What you’ll need: coffee filter, coffee grounds, dental floss, 

If you’re not a fan of instant coffee, you’ll love this idea. To boot, it’s fairly simple to execute. Simply add a scoop of coffee grounds to a coffee filter and fasten the open end together with dental floss. Once you’ve tied it up, it should resemble a tea bag. Pop it into a cup of hot water and let it steep until your coffee has reached your desired strength.

Cinnamon Buns

What you’ll need: orange peels, pre-made cinnamon buns, icing, foil

If you’re bringing oranges or clementines along on your camping trip, don’t be so quick to throw out the peels. If your peel is intact in sort of a bowl shape, pop in pre-made cinnamon bun into the peel, wrap the whole thing up in foil, and place it on top of your cooking grate, grill, or campfire for about ten minutes. Then, remove them from the heat, let them cool, remove the goil and ice the tops, and enjoy!

Omelet in a Bag

What you’ll need: eggs, desired omelet add-ins, a sealable bag, a pot

Start by boiling a pot of water and cracking a few eggs into a bag, followed by your choice of omelet add-ins. Mix the contents of the bag up, seal the bag, and place the entire thing in a boiling pot of water. Your omelet should cook within a few minutes. 


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