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Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Lifestyle Correspondent Mariko Zamani talks with Thuyen Nguyen from Iris Art Craft about their beautiful ethnic wedding invitations. Keep reading for the highlights from their interview. 
Mariko Zamani: Can you tell us a little bit about your ethnic wedding designs?
Thuyen Nguyen: Today, I will show three symbols for ethnic wedding invitations. First, we have a symbol for Native Canadians; second, a symbol for a Chinese couple; and finally, a symbol for an East Indian couple. 
MZ: Are these pretty easily customizable?
TN: Yes, we do customized invitations. So, depending on your color scheme and personal style, we can do a custom laser cut for you. 
About Iris Art Craft:
Iris Art Craft is an exclusive bespoke wedding invitation boutique based out of Vancouver, BC. They craft and sell custom handmade invitations for all kinds of celebrations to clients in the Greater Vancouver area and across Canada. 
To learn more about custom laser cutting for your wedding invitations, check out the Iris Art Craft website. 
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  • Calvin 2 months ago

    Nice neat to learn of other cultures.

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