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In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Franco Borrelli from Hallmark Autobody explains the process of autobody painting.
Q: What steps does Hallmark Autobody take when painting a vehicle?
Franco Borrelli: The first stage is surface preparation. All areas that require refinishing must be primed, sanded, and masked. Once the surface is primed with a fine grit sandpaper, the adjacent areas are masked off to prevent any kind of overspray from falling on the vehicle. The second step is color selection. Each vehicle has a specific paint code. Once the painter identifies the paint code, she will enter the paint code into a computerized database. At that point in time, the painter will decide what paint is suitable to use and whether she should tint the color or apply it as is. The third step is washing and cleaning the surface. This is an extremely important step. The fourth step is base coat or color application. Typically, it takes two to three coats of color for proper coverage.
About Hallmark Autobody
Founded in 1967, Hallmark Auto Body has had the opportunity to grow with the changing needs of Calgary’s motorists. Hallmark Auto Body is a long-standing member of the Better Business Bureau and the CAA (Canadian Automobile Association).
To learn more, check out the video above or visit the Hallmark Autobody website. 
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  • John McL 5 months ago

    Tad more involved than painting your bathroom.

  • Holly S 5 months ago

    Really cool to watch

  • Darren Scrubb 4 months ago

    I know understand why cars are so expensive due to the serious amount of work if it takes in putting them together, and also keeping them in good condition.

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