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In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Dave Siemens from Kleefeld Construction answers questions about the construction process. Keep reading for the Q & A.
Q: What’s one of the more common problems you face during construction?
Dave Siemens: We often find that staying on target with a budget is a challenge, especially with renovation work because you don’t know what you’re going to run into once you start opening up walls and ceilings. The other thing is that weather can often be a factor. We have hot weather, cold weather, and rain; we have no control over any of these elements and all three affect the construction and renovation process.
Q: How long does it take to build a home and how do you stay on schedule?
Dave Siemens: You should allow four to six months for a home build. Maybe more depending on the size and nature of the project. Find a contractor you can trust and ask him or her if their current workload will let them stay on schedule. If a specific timeline is very important, make sure that a completion date is stated in the contract. 
About Kleefeld Construction:
Founded in Manitoba in 1997, Kleefeld Construction is a family based business specializing in home building and small commercial projects. Kleefeld prioritizes business integrity, customer relations, and workmanship. Their goal: to help their clients realize their dream of owning a new or beautifully renovated home.
For the answers to these questions and more, check out the video above or visit the Kleefeld Construction website.
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