Published on February 8, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
Whether it’s warm or cold outside, having an effective furnace system is essential. In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Tiffany Johnson Mailey of Furnaceman answers questions about furnace care.
Q: What are a few of the top reasons for furnace failure?
Tiffany Johnson Mailey: Things like the ignition or blower motor failure, dirty filters, blocked duct vents, or fuel supply can all contribute to furnace failure. Preventative scheduled maintenance will help to ensure your furnace is in tip top shape.
Q: Why does my furnace smell when I start it up for the first time in the cold months?
Tiffany Johnson Mailey: After not being used all summer, your furnace can omit an odor that can be very unpleasant when it’s first started. While some odors, such as mustiness and burnt dust are generally harmless, others can indicate that something is seriously wrong. Rotten eggs, chemicals, or even smoke are signs of a serious problem and your furnace should be turned off immediately.
Q: Are there any benefits to having a service plan with a heating and air conditioning company.
Tiffany Johnson Mailey: Every homeowner should have a preventative maintenance plan to protect their home’s HVAC equipment. Yes, there’s a cost associated, but you’ll gain peace of mind along with many other benefits. 
About Furnaceman:
Since 1939, Furnaceman has been providing home comfort services to a growing base of clientele. Today, they have grown to provide heating and cooling services to homeowners from all Winnipeg and surrounding communities. To learn more about the range of services offered, visit the Furnaceman website.
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