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Today on The Marc and Mandy Show: Ask An Expert, Trent Sluiter from Fedora Media shares some invaluable advice for couples looking to hire a wedding photographer. Keep reading for the expert-approved Q&A.
Q: Is it important to seat my wedding photographer at the reception?
Trent Sluiter: Yes, absolutely, I think it’s very important to seat and feed the photographers at the wedding. The number one reason: you want them to be sitting and part of the action. What you don’t want is for them to miss out on any types of speeches or anything like that because they’re out of the room. So since you want your photographer to capture every single moment that is precious to you, it’s best to have the photographer ready at a table close to the action. Also keep in mind that your photographer is hard at work all day, and would probably appreciate some food and drink to regenerate. 
Q: What are some common issues that photographers tend to face at a wedding?
TS: One common issue you should be aware of is how frequently your photographer is being interrupted while doing their job. This could be in the form of guests requesting unplanned pictures or even guests impeding the photographer’s view with their own camera phones. The best way to deal with interruptions during the ceremony is to have an unplugged ceremony, to have signs that it will be an unplugged ceremony, or to have your officiant make an announcement that it will be an unplugged ceremony. 
To learn more about what to expect and ask for from your wedding photographer, check out the video above. 
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