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How well do you know HVAC and home comfort? In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Expert Q & A, Tiffany Johnson-Mailey from Furnasman shares what to expect from an HVAC professional.
Q: What should a homeowner expect when an HVAC professional arrives at their house to discuss home comfort?
Tiffany Johnson-Mailey: First and foremost, respect for your time. Discussing how your system works and designing something that will meet all your needs can be somewhat overwhelming. A fully trained and trusted home care advisor will perform a comfort and technical assessment on heat gain or loss, inspect ducting and local codes, provide you with facts, figures and options to ensure that your home comfort decision is an easy one. 
Q: What factors should an advisor discuss that will influence the total cost when purchasing a new home comfort system?
Tiffany Johnson-Mailey: When considering a new home comfort system, the size of the system, codes and safety, performance efficiency, comfort and environmental factors should all be discussed.
Q: When considering a new home comfort system, does the brand name really matter?
Tiffany Johnson-Mailey: There’s little to no data to determine if one brand is better than another. What truly matters is the installation, along with local, provincial and federal codes, permits, licenses, insurance, and compatibility of components in the system design. Nearly half of all heating and cooling equipment in homes does not perform to its advertised capacity and efficiency levels because of improper installation. This costs homeowners more on their utility bills and shortens the equipment life. The best brand is really the best installed system.
About Furnasman:
Furnasman has been serving the Winnipeg area since 1939. They deliver heating and cooling services to homeowners from all Winnipeg and surrounding communities. To learn more or to request a quote, visit the Furnasman website.
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  • Monica Sisson 5 months ago

    A great reminder that I need to change my furnace filter!

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    So cool.

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    Interesting video

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