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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, an interview with a photographer is worth at least another thousand! On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Expert Q & A, Professional Photojournalist and Fine Arts Photographer Ken McCurdy answers questions about his photography journey. Watch the video above to learn more, keep reading for the Q & A, or check out Ken McCurdy’s Fine Art Photography website.
Q: What inspired you to pursue your passion for fine art photography?
Ken McCurdy: I don’t think my story’s much different than any of the photographers I looked up to when I was starting out. There has to be an interest in photography and someone or an event who opens up that curtain and lets you see the world of photography as it really is. Mine was a chance meeting with a photojournalist who inspired me and encouraged me to pursue photojournalism as a career. By the mid-’80s, I was enrolled in journalism. After spending the bulk of my career in the newspaper industry, which is really a non-fictional form of photography, by nature, I was drawn to fine art photography more knowing that I had a great collection to work on. But eventually, I was ready to hang up my news cameras and follow fine art photography as my new career and my new muse. My first trip to Italy, to me, was a turning point in my career, if only to myself.
Q: Is making a final print of your work important?
Ken McCurdy: Print is a final commitment a photographer has to honor his vision. It defines a photographer and is tangible. It can be held, it can be displayed on the wall for everyone to see and share in the art form. 
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