Published on July 16, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, Celebrity Designer Glen Peloso visits with Glenn Hunter on site at a home renovation project under works by Yellow Green Construction. In this segment, Glenn shares valuable tips for homeowners planning renovations. Keep reading for the highlights. 


Expert Tip #1: Get on the same page 

According to Glenn, the first thing homeowners should do while planning renovations is double check that they are on the same page and that they have the same expectations for the project. This might seem straightforward, but it can also be a long process. To get clients on the same page, the consultation process is germane. Glenn recommends having the decision makers in the home speak to the contractors individually so that each person has a fair opportunity to hash out the details of what they want and what they expect from the renovation. Once the contractor has all of the information, they can work with the homeowners to create a design vision that suits everyone involved. 


Expert Tip #2: Start with what you like and dislike 

If you don’t have a clear design vision in mind or you’re not sure where to start, Glenn recommends starting by answering two simple questions: what do you like about your current home and what do you not like? This will give your contractor a good sense of what changes to suggest and what renovations might suit your preferences. 


Expert Tip #3: Pre-meet with the city 

Rather than perfecting your design vision and then taking your plans to the city, Glenn recommends setting up pre-meetings with the city, which will help to identify any possible hindrances you might encounter, before you incorporate certain things into your reno plan. This will help save time in the longrun.    


Expert Tip #4: Expect a lengthy process 

Though it may seem as if your renovation is speeding right along in the early stages, once you get the structure down, the finishing touches (for example, wiring, plumbing, etc) tend to take much, much longer to complete. 


Expert Tip #5: Allocate for finishes 

According to Glenn, many homeowners fail to allocate sufficient funds for finishes, as their focus tends to be on the actual construction and building. Finishings should make up about 30 per cent of your overall budget, so if you don’t want to compromise on quality finishings, take extra care to plan ahead and factor quality finishings into your budget well in advance. 


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