Published on January 17, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
How do you find the perfect pair of glasses? Today on The Marc and Mandy Show, we dive into this question and more with Jordan Farrell from Phila Optical. Keep reading for Jordan’s tips on finding the best pair of glasses.
How do you find the perfect pair of glasses?
First, you want to start with a great optician. Opticians are educated in eyewear and fitting you with the best pair of frames and lenses. When you walk into any glasses store, some things to consider are your visual need (what are you going to be using glasses for), your prescription, and your style preferences. Once these things are discussed, you can start trying on frames to see what style of frame best suits the shape of your face, personality, and profession.
About Phila Optical:
Located in Toronto’s Roncesvalles for 25 years, Phila Optical carries artfully-crafted, hand-made eyewear and sunglasses. Phila Optical offers 15 different frame lines from all over the world. Their collections feature designers from Italy, London, New York and Japan. To learn more, watch the video above or visit the Phila Optical Facebook page.
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