Published on April 5, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Fitness expert Tami Tyson kicks us into gear with her fitness tips to help get that booty you always wanted.

If you have a chair, a bench, or even a stair in your home, you may be one step closer to having the derrière of your dreams. Here’s how.

Step Ups

Step ups are pretty self-explanatory: simply step onto the elevated surface, one foot at a time, and then step back down. Our experts recommend remaining in a low squatting position as you do your steps, driving from your heel. To kick up your step ups a notch, alter the exercise so that both feet are never on the bench or on the ground at the same time, (shown above). This higher intensity version of the exercise is also a great cardio workout. TIP Ensure your entire foot lands flat on the bench, including the heel, which you should still be using to drive your body during the workout. We recommend doing this for ten minutes a day for 30 days to see best results.


For this exercise, you won’t need aid from a bench or chair of any kind; all you’ll need is the floor! Begin by lying on the floor on your back, with your knees bent and pointing towards the ceiling. Lift your hips upwards, making a concentrated effort to squeeze your hamstrings and glutes before lowering back to the ground. TIP Raise the intensity of this exercise by extending one leg every time you lift.

Lunge (with arm reach)

You probably already know how to do the classic lunge, which involves stepping forward with one foot, and lowering your hips until both legs come to a 90 degree angle. This exercise, however, involves a slight twist on the classic workout, as extending your arms forward at knee-height actually engages your glutes more. Start with your arms extended at chest length, and as you move into the lunge position, lean forward and reach forward at knee height. TIP To make this exercise more challenging, utilize some sort of weighted object, such as a medicine ball. 

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