Published on February 4, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Celebrity Access, Celebrity Access Reporter Holly Nimens asks Contractor and HGTV Host Mike Holmes Jr some questions about his life and career. Check out the video above to learn more or keep reading for the highlights of their interview.
Holly Nimens: What would you say is your best skillset?
Mike Holmes Jr: I’m a man of my word. So, you know, if I tell you something, that is going to be how it goes.
Holly Nimens: If you weren’t a carpenter by trade, what do you think you’d do?
Mike Holmes Jr: Originally, I wanted to get into fire fighting. Whatever my career was, I always wanted to help people. Firefighting was my initial career choice, but then I tried contracting and I tried trades and I fell in love with it. So that’s what brought me here today.
Holly Nimens: What would you say you were like as a kid growing up?
Mike Holmes Jr: I was a quiet kid. We grew up very poor and I was bullied a bit when I was younger. I guess I was also a little bit of a class clown. I tried to come out of my shell a little bit. 
Holly Nimens: What is something you like to do in an old fashioned way.
Mike Holmes Jr: Chopping wood. I love chopping wood. I feel like it’s great exercise and there’s something therapeutic about setting up a long, chopping wood, stacking it.
Holly Nimens: Are you an active guy?
Mike Holmes Jr: I’m a fairly active guy. I go to the gym every morning usually. Before work I go to F45. So it’s a high intensity interval training with weights and I find that’s the best way to start the day.
Holly Nimens: What would your perfect room look like?
Mike Holmes Jr: Perfect room? Oh man, that’s tough. Right now, we have a place up north, and we have a sunroom, and there’s no TV in there. And I love TVs, but I would never think my perfect room would be a couch, nice chairs, and natural light, and just being able to enjoy that with friends. 
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  • Catherine L. 2 months ago

    Mike Holmes Jr. seems very down to earth and personable. Easy to like.

  • DebP 1 month ago

    I quite enjoyed this.

  • Debbie Beattie 1 month ago

    He sounds like a great guy and we know he is good at his job

  • wendy hutton 1 month ago

    I think Mike Jr is a lot like his dad, good hearted

  • Lisa G. 1 month ago

    Firefighting, very poor and class clown. Coming out of a shell. I am an old fashion person but chopping wood is what is in procrasticnation, Please Mr. Holmes show up at my house.

  • Linda Kollybaba 1 month ago

    great show with Mike Holmes Jr

  • Silvy 1 month ago

    Seems like a genuine guy

  • Nancy Giese 1 month ago

    Cool! Love his dad – love him

  • Ron Giese 1 month ago

    I think Mike and his son are da bomb!

  • Jennylyn Gross 1 month ago

    Nice to meet you Mike!

  • DonnaBeeGood 1 month ago

    I wish I could have them build me a great home!

  • Alison H. 4 weeks ago

    Great video and a great guy.

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh 4 weeks ago

    so much talent in the family

  • Marina Bird 2 weeks ago

    A great family who do great things for others.

  • Richard Lundgren 2 weeks ago

    Mike likes chopping wood…..yeah it feels good when the axe parts that block of wood

  • Danny M 2 weeks ago

    Good video

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