Published on December 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

When it comes to holiday decorating, your living and dining rooms and perhaps your home’s exterior tends to get most of the tinsel action — but in this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Interior Stylist, Jaclyn Harper shares her top four best tips for decorating the heart of your home: the kitchen! 


Tip # 1: Ensure your table is pretty but practical  

A holiday tablescape can be a pretty elaborate affair, which is why Jaclyn recommends setting your table well before you’re expecting guests. By using flatware that’s got a touch of sparkle, the integral elements of your tablescape can easily serve a double purpose: supplementing your holiday decor. Finish your table off by incorporating a beautiful, holiday-themed centerpiece. Need some more inspiration? Check out Gourmet Settings for a variety of flatware settings to choose from. 


Tip # 2: Incorporate food into your decor 

Flatware can serve as a beautiful supplement to your holiday decor, and so can beautifully plated food. Think: cookies, chocolates, and other treats, which are as pretty as they are tasty. You can show your treats off with a tiered platter set, adorned with ribbon and holiday ornaments.    


Tip # 3: Use your backsplash as a backdrop 

Especially in the kitchen, where there isn’t as much space for displays, setting up small clusters of decorations in unexpected places is a great way to infuse holiday cheer into your kitchen. A good rule of thumb is to cluster items in groups of either three or five.  


Tip # 4: Use bigger statements and use smaller statements 

Of course, with all of these decorations, you want to make sure your kitchen doesn’t look cluttered with too many small statement items. Try balancing small statement items out with big statement items, such as wreaths, vases, and even a mini Christmas tree! 



  • Jay M 1 year ago

    I’ve gotta be honest….that table top is not practical! Where does the food go?!

  • Tanya N 1 year ago

    Some cute ideas worth a try

  • Corry L. 1 year ago

    Looks lovely but there’s just too much decor on the table. Wouldn’t say is overly practical.

  • Jasmine B 1 year ago

    Such great ideas! I may lot use everything, but there are some gems in there for sure 🙂

  • Calvin 8 months ago

    Nice decor, could use some in our kitchen.

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