Published on December 18, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

If you’re planning on travelling this holiday season, the experts at Swoop have some expert travelling trips to offer up. In this segment of The Marc and Mandy ShowKaren McIsacc of Swoop shares holiday travel tips to ensure you get the best possible flight deals! 


Tip # 1: When to book 

Generally, six to eight weeks in advance is when you’ll find the lowest fare for flight bookings.  


Tip # 2: Secondary airports 

Whenever possible, book through secondary airports. Typically, secondary airports have lower landing fees, making them the perfect home for ultra-low-cost carriers. Not only do they have lower fees, they’re usually less busy, making them more relaxing for your travel experience, especially if you’re travelling with kids. 


Tip # 3: Be flexible 

You will have a better chance of getting the best rate possible for your next vacation if you are willing to be flexible with your flight dates and destinations. If you can compromise and depart a few days before school gets out, for instance, you’re sure to get a better deal.  


Tip # 4: Off-Season 

A sure-fire way to save money on your next vacation is by travelling during off-season. Travelling during peak season will likely cost you double the amount it would cost you otherwise. Off-season months, such as May, June, September, and October, will result in a less busy commute to your destination, and much lower travel costs, including air fare, hotels, and attractions.  


To shop some sweet travel deals, courtesy of an Ultra-Low Fare Airline, visit the Swoop website. 


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