Published on June 6, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

If you like the idea of a feature wall but don’t know where to start, Peacock Living is here to answer your questions. In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show, Leroy Lo of Peacock Living shows you how to easily create a stunning wallpaper-look feature wall using Surface Motif for a variety of patterns.

What is Peacock Living?

Peacock Living is a Toronto-based company geared towards professional decorators and homeowners interested in interior design. 

What is SurfaceMotif?

The company launched SurfaceMotif in 2016. SurfaceMotif is an innovative alternative to stencils and wallpaper, providing consumers the flexibility to personalize their pattern and colour without compromise. Read more about it here

How does SurfaceMotif differ from wallpaper?

Founder, Leroy Lo, calls SurfaceMotif “the paint solution to wallpaper.” Similar to wallpaper, SurfaceMotif comes in a roll, (18-inches wide). Alternative to wallpaper, this product is actually a masking tape product, which comes pre-cut in a bespoke design. Homeowners or contractors can then use the pre-cut designs to create unique and creative designs, that bears resemblance to wallpaper.

How exactly does SurfaceMotif work?

SurfaceMotif is a stenciled masking tape, with a pre-cut design already on the tape. Users can remove pre-cut sections from the tape to create personalized patterns, without needing to measure or cut anything. This product is also great for smaller craft projects.



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