Published on June 15, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Here at the Marc and Mandy Show, the words “perfect” and “pantry” go hand-in-hand. Today on the show, celebrity designer Karla Dreyer visits with Linda Abbott, of Closets By Design, to explore the ins and outs of a well-organized custom pantry.

Slanted Shelves

In a pantry setting, slanted shelves can be something of a Godsend. This is because slanted shelving permits high visibility, making it easier to tell exactly what you have in the pantry before you buy doubles at the grocery stores. 

Lucite Shelf Dividers & Front Drawers

Transparent dividers and front drawers made from lucite make it possible to see what your storing, be it cereal, pasta, flour, or dish clothes. As an added plus, lucite is also known for being incredibly durable.

Slatwall With Accessories

This unique pantry feature is made up of horizontal groves, to which a range of accessories can be fastened to. Use slatwall to hang your oven mitts and dish towels, or to even mount shelves.

Shelf Dividers

We all have those awkwardly large platters and pans that are reserved for occasional use. Rather than cramming these into the bottom of a drawer, employ some handy shelving dividers, which will allow you to store those platters and pans upright and out of sight.

Scalloped Wine Racks

If you don’t already have a place for wine in your pantry, it’s probably about high time! If nothing else, storing your go-to reds, whites, and rosés in your pantry makes for easy access – perfect for when you have guests over.

To explore your pantry, garage, home office, wall bed, flooring, wall organization, laundry, hobby, and closet customization options further, visit the Closets By Design website.


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