Published on April 27, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

The crew cut is a stylish, clean, and classic hair style for men. This timeless haircut is characterized by shorter length on the sides and back, fading into a longer length on top. For many men, the crew cut is their go-to style because of the aforementioned reasons. If you’ve never had a crew cut before, but are intrigued, keep reading for Spencer the Barber’s expert tips for creating a classic crew cut for men.

The Cut

All professional hairstylists should be able to deliver a crew cut, mostly due to the hair style’s simplicity and wide-spread popularity. As earlier stated, the hallmarks of the style are buzzed sides, starting at 1/16 inch (a “0” buzzer setting) at the neckline and ears. 

TIP Ensure you are buzzing length off the top with caution – over-cutting the top will transform your crew cut into a buzz cut!


The crew cut is an easy style, so it should not require much more than a few minutes of daily styling. Spencer the Barber recommends a small amount of cream pomade dispensed on the hands first. Melt the pomade with your hands before distributing it into the hair, starting with the roots. You can follow this up with some quick combing, ensuring to comb in the direction of the hair.


The crew cut is meant to be a short style, meaning that it might require frequent hair cuts to maintain. This could be as often as every two to three weeks. 

TIP If you’re planning on spending prolonged time in the sun, ensure you are using sunscreen, because the crew cut leaves much of the scalp exposed. Shop for a sunscreen that’s intended for the scalp for best results.


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