Published on June 9, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Join Designer Negar Reihani to talk about fireplaces at the Valor Fireplace showroom.

Fireplace technology has come a long way thanks to innovative designs courtesy of companies like Valor Fireplaces. Here are a few fireplace design features from Valor that we love. 

Radiant Heat

Valor fireplaces uses radiant heat as their main technology, which uses a principal similar to that of the sun: essentially, heat bounces off furniture, objects, and people in the space and then spreads. One prominent perk of radiant heat is its longevity when compared to traditional heating models; radiant heat stays warmer for much longer, plus it doesn’t leach the humidity from the room. 

Fan-less Models

Traditional fireplace models often employ the use of fans for circulation purposes, which can inadvertently cause irritating debris to become airborne, aggravating the allergies or respiratory issues of people in the vicinity. Valor uses fan-free technology, meaning no forced air or dust particles blowing into the room as the fireplace runs. 

No Electricity

During the turbulent winter months, your home may be subject to pesky, but inevitable power outages, which can be debilitating depending on the length and severity. Since Valor fireplaces are all electricity-free models, losing your heat source during a power outage is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.  

Gas Burning Models

There are a few important things to consider when between gas and wood burning fireplace models. While wood burning models have a certain authenticity to them that many people enjoy, gas burning models are leaner, easier to operate, and more efficient. Adjust the flame and amount of heat each time you use your fireplace, or automate it for maximum user-friendliness. 

Zone Heating

You can reduce you electricity bill by using something called, “zone heating.”  Zone heating, as opposed to a forced air heating system, (which circulates air via ducts location all around the entire home), supplies warmth directly into the space you wish to heat, using efficient, quick-heat technology, all while reducing furnace usage in colder weather and eliminating it during warmer weather. 

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