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In this segment of The Marc and Mandy Show: Celebrity Access, Celebrity Access Reporter Holly Nimens chats with with HGTV star Brian McCourt of Home to Win. Keep reading for their Q & A.


Holly Nimens: Tell me a little bit about what got you into design and what is it about design that you love?

Brian McCourt: When I was about 13, my parents hired an interior designer and I kind of sat in on the meetings and was interested in the creative process. And when I was 19, I started flipping properties. And I wanted to do the work but I wanted to do every stage of the process. So I loved the design process but I also love working with my hands. And I loved the creativity–the before and after, just like everyone else.


HN: So, the whole process; just kind of seeing it through?

BM: Exactly.


HN: What’s your favorite part?

BM: My favorite part would be kitchens, because there’s so much to it. I mean, it’s the meat and potatoes of the house and there’s so many different options and there’s a lot of creative freedom there.


HN: Now looking back at your 13-year-old self, when you first got introduced to interior design, if you could have given yourself advice at that point in your life, what would it be?

BM: I would say to follow your passion. I studied voice for university, because I thought I wanted to sing, which was kind of my passion but it wasn’t the creative passion, like the designing and renovation. So, I would’ve maybe gone into a more focused program, into what I do today, but you just never know where you’re going to end up. 


HN: So, is that your advice to kids starting out?

BM: Trust your gut–trust your gut and go for it. And apply to programs that will give you the tools to succeed.


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  • Jay M 8 months ago

    What a fun job!

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