Published on January 29, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
You don’t have to a kid to have a soft spot for cookies, desserts, and other sweet treats. On this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Linda Peters of Goodies Bake Shop shows Mandy how to make traditional (not to mention delicious) Italian peaches.
What you’ll need: sugar cookies, liqueur, Bavarian custard, sugar, colored icing
Details and instructions:
  • Start out by hollowing out your sugar cookies. As you hollow each cookie out, soak them in your liqueur.
  • Next, prepare a piping bag; fill it with the Bavarian custard. Fill each soaked cookie with the custard.
  • Next, roll your soaked and filled cookie in a bowl of sugar. 
  • Repeat these steps until all cookies are soaked, filled, and coated.
About Goodies Bake Shop:
Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Goodies Bake Shop is a small, independent bakery and coffee shop. Since 1984, Goodies Bake Shop has been creating cakes, pies, and other delectable, Italian-inspired treats. To learn more, visit the Goodies Bake Shop website.
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