Published on May 15, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

 Angel Balichowski is a mommy expert who is here to help us find things to keep our kids busy.  As little ones get older, we often hear repeatedly, ‘’I’m bored, I’m bored’’. She suggests that the important thing is giving them things to do that take a little bit of time.  Angel shares some wonderful tried and true fun projects.

One of Angel’s favorite things to do for kids is finger painting. It washes off everything and even if it is a little messy, they can be entertained for hours, and it allows them to be very creative. Another idea is making play dough with flour and water, and adding a little bit of food coloring makes it even more fun. It may make a mess but kids enjoy it immensely.

Angel suggests making cleanup a game such as giving them a time limit to fill up the toy bin or a race to see who can pick up the most toys.  This serves a dual purpose as the children are having fun while doing chores in a pleasant way at the same time.

Angel then shares a wonderful recipe to make what she calls Flubber.  It is bouncy and squishy just what kids love. For a small batch, you will take one third cup of warm water, then stir in a bit of Borax (about 1 Tablespoon) which you can find in the laundry aisle in any grocery store.  Once that is done you can pour in any color of glitter glue.  Stir for a moment and then you can take it out with your hands and you will have a flexible, fun, rubbery substance to play with.  Angel uses bright and vibrant colors in her crafts and projects which are eye catching to little ones.


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