Published on April 30, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Life Coach/ Life Stylist Reno Johnston has a very unique and motivating outlook about setting and keeping goals.  He states his relationship to goals has changed drastically over the last little while.  He feels that many people tend to set basic goals with no emotional attachment to them, such as painting the fence, buying a new car or even losing a few pounds.  More recently, he has been encouraging himself and others to ‘’set goals with soul’’, goals that have depth to them, and come from the heart. He also stresses the need to explore what is the deeper ‘’why’’ behind the goal.  Reno feels that if you set a shallow goal, then your outcome shall be shallow and therefore you shall never truly achieve that goal.

The starting point to master setting and achieving goals with soul, according to Reno, is to get truly crystal clear about your goal and why you are setting it. What does this goal stand to change in your life?  Identify the deeper meaning behind it and who you must become to achieve it.

Reno suggests that we take inspiration from people who appear to be the most fulfilled and successful in their daily lives and observe, as he so eloquently puts it, ‘’how they show up in their day to day’’.  These fulfilled individuals usually get up early, exercise, meditate, love and take care of themselves as well as make positive use of time and nature.  Reno calls it an inside job.  Finally, he says it is most important to remember that goals are a place to come from . . .  This would imply that the goal has been achieved if you are coming from it, allowing you to walk towards a new and inspiring goal with soul!


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