Published on May 30, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Rain can easily put a damper on your day, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The mother-daughter duo behind La Bella Umbrella believe that brightening up a cloudy day is as simple as accessorizing with one of their eccentric products. Their motto: to change the world, one umbrella at a time. Designer Glen Peloso takes a visit La Bella Umbrella and talks to us about what this unique company is all about. 


La Bella Umbrella products come in three different styles: folding manual open, folding automatic open/close, and straight umbrellas. All umbrellas come with a matching pouch and are available in a variety of designs.


The makers of La Bella Umbrella believe that your umbrella should reflect your unique personality. Beyond that, they believe that umbrellas can be as fashionable as they are practical, so they market umbrellas meant for everyday use, in addition to wedding and travel. Customers can also pick umbrellas with cultural patterns, food-inspired motifs, and nature designs. 


Besides high quality imagery, La Bella Umbrella ensures the endurance and quality of their products via their 12-month warranty. If damage prevents the umbrella from being used properly and customers would like to exchange the product, simply drop them an email.

La Bella Umbrella’s umbrellas can be the perfect gift for someone else or even for yourself. To check out the styles and designs they offer, visit their website



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