Published on June 6, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Nicolas Rosaci learns more about functional furniture options for a small space. Watch as Seamus at Resource Furniture takes a space from living room to dining room and then to bedroom with very little effort.  

Transformative furniture has been around for decades, though the past few years, inspired by “tiny house” mentality, has seen a definite spike in the popularity of furniture that converts. What we’re seeing is homeowners today approaching home design with a more practical, space-conscious mindset, and what could be more practical and space-conscious than transformative furniture. Here are a few small-space-friendly pieces we love.

A Height-adjustable Coffee Table

The contemporary coffee table is being used as much more than just a sidekick to the couch; oftentimes the coffee table is used to do work or to eat meals on. To accommodate this expanded function, Resource Furniture has come up with a coffee table design that allows movement in height. At maximum height, this coffee table can be used in lieu of a dining table. At minimum height, the table can be compacted enough to be rolled right underneath your couch. Click here to shop Resource Furniture’s Mini Table.

Hang-able Chairs

Let’s face it: dining room chair sets take up a lot of space, and on a daily basis, you’re probably not using every chair in the set. Resource Furniture’s Pocket Chair is the ultimate space-saving solution for your living and/or dining room, as each sturdy chair can be compacted and stowed away when not in use. Click here to shop Resource Furniture’s Pocket Chair.

A Retractable Wall Bed

There’s nothing worse than an unmade bed to make even the neatest room look sloppy. Resource Furniture makes unmade beds a little less of an issue with their innovative wall bed design, featuring the narrowest casing available on the market, (14 inches), and a super comfortable frame and mattress design that will have you second guessing if you’re actually sleeping on a murphy bed at all!

Click here to shop Resource Furniture’s complete selection of wall beds & murphy beds.

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