Published on February 17, 2020 by Marc & Mandy
Here at The Marc and Mandy Show, there’s nothing we love more than a good home tour. Today, on this Design Tour segment of the show, Daryl Berden of Ridgewater Homes Ltd. shares a tour of an old house recreated into a brand new home. To see the highlights of the home, check out the video above, or keep reading to learn about tear-down homes and things to consider if you’re planning on rebuilding an old home.
What is a tear-down home?
Tear-down homes are identified by the potential value they might offer. A tear-down home can be diagnosed by any of the following factors:
  • They aren’t up to the standards of other homes in the area or the neighborhood in general
  • They contain smaller than average square footage
  • They have an outdated interior, including fixtures that aren’t energy efficient
  • They have serious structural issues and have high costs of repairs associated with them
A few things to consider if you’re tearing down an old home:
  • You don’t have to tear down the entire home. You may be able to retain the existing foundation or some of the walls. This could mean less red tape and skipping the lengthy wait-times for approval from the city.
  • Determine (well ahead of time) what kind of demolition will work best for you. The types are as follows: mechanical demolition, deconstruction, or deconstruction in conjunction with demolition.
  • Always consult a professional building team, who can help you out with things like building permits, zoning, and septic system considerations. If you work with a reputable building company, you’ll get the job done right without any hassle from the city.
About Ridgewater Homes Ltd.:
Backed by over 10 years of industry experience, Ridgewater Homes is a full-service Award-winning construction company. At Ridgewater, they embrace a client-centric approach, while delivering best in class construction and craftsmanship, delivering work that truly exceeds the expectation of any homeowner’s desires. To learn more, visit the Ridgewater Homes Ltd. website.
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  • nicky 3 months ago

    I love to see befores and afters – well done!

  • Calvin 1 month ago

    Good improvements.

  • Catherine Cole 1 month ago

    I love the before and after video

  • wendy hutton 1 month ago

    wow quite the difference

  • Alison 3 weeks ago

    That house was brought back into the world of the living.

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh 3 weeks ago

    my house needs this

  • Nancy Giese 1 week ago

    Always helpful. Thank you

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