Published on December 8, 2016 by Marc & Mandy

For many, the holiday season is all about celebrating in style, and in order to do so, you’ll need the prefect holiday party dress. Easier said than done, if you ask us. Luckily, finding the perfect dress is far from an impossible feat, and we’ve rounded up some dress-specific tips to help you look great and feel great in what you’re wearing at this year’s roster of holiday parties.

The Dress

If you’re puzzling over what to wear to a formal or semi-formal party, consider the versatile nature of a shift dress. A shift dress is a style of dress that hangs from the shoulders. Its loose-fitting nature makes it universally flattering, if styled correctly. For a holiday party, consider a material embedded with sequins, which will up the formality of the garment and give it some holiday-appropriate sparkle. 

The Length

A shift dress is also versatile because it suits ladies of all heights. If you’re on the taller side, and the dress ends above your knees, consider styling it with tights; if you’re shorter, and the dress hits knee length, just above, or just below, style it with heels.

The Sleeves

Sleeve length is another important factor to consider, particularly in the wintertime. A sleeveless number could come off looking too summery, so our fashion experts recommend a short sleeve of some kind, so that you don’t have to wear a blazer or cardigan as a cover-up. Short sleeves will also ensure maximal mobility so that you can dance the night away if you so desire without getting too warm. 

The Accessories

Finally, stylize your shift dress via some statement jewelry and a pair of heels, boots or otherwise. For a holiday-esq touch, consider sporting heels that are red or green.



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    it is beautiful dress and also you can wear in holidays.

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