Published on May 1, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Nothing makes a girl feel more glamorous than the perfect smoky eye, but the technique can be a little tough to master – tough, but not impossible. Here’s how:

To achieve that oh-so-coveted fade, you want to start with a light hue and gradually build up to the dark. Though the color you begin with depends on the skin tone you’re working with, a good rule of thumb is to start with a shade that bears likeness to the skin around your eyes, or “flesh toned.” Apply this shade, using a thin-tipped eye shadow brush, to the crease above the eye. The result should be somewhat faint. 

Next, use a blending brush to apply a shade darker to the lid, focusing on the outer crease of the eye. Use your brush to blend the color outwards, creating almost a cat-eyed shape. Ensure you apply the shadow sparingly at first, to avoid over-applying and creating a look that’s too dark right off the bat. Remember: it’s easier to put more makeup on, than it is to take makeup off. 

Next, reach for a brush with a larger collection of bristles, an all-over blending brush, and use it to apply a slightly darker shadow, once again focusing on the outermost portion of the lid. The idea here is to elongate the shape of the eye slightly using the shadow. The result should be a gradual fade from light to dark, from the inner lid to the out. If the look isn’t dramatic enough, a fourth, darker shade can be added, again to the outer portion of the lid, to make the look more pronounced.  

TIP: For a more natural smoky eye, use a pallet comprised of beiges, browns, and copper hues, rather than charcoal. This will create a look suitable for any season, and any time of day. 


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