Published on June 6, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

What makes the perfect bed? In the past, the criteria for “the perfect bed,” had to do primarily with comfort and durability, and of course, price point. In this day-and-age, as we seem to be working with less and less space, that perfect bed criteria has definitely expanded to include incorporation of storage and organizational elements.

Underneath the bed is oftentimes under-utilized space, and people are sometimes dissuaded from using this space for storage due to minute factors, such as dust accumulation or tricky access. Luckily, Resource Furniture has small-space-dwellers covered with their new and improved storage bed.

Perfect for the urban condo dweller, or for anyone needing just a little more versatility in terms of storage, is a storage bed, available for purchase at Resource Furniture.

This bed differs from the traditional bed in that the under-the-bed storage is accessed by easily lifting upwards from the foot of the bed. This model also features a storage option between the headboard and the head of the bed. Speaking of headboards, the one featured on this model is adjustable, and can be moved into various reclining positions – perfect for those of us who are before-bed-readers or TV-watchers.

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