Published on April 1, 2020 by Marc & Mandy

Mariko Zamani visits Michael Bridgeman at Just About Pets Wellness Centre to see what services they offer to pets.



  • laurel jones 2 months ago

    there are no bad dogs just bad owners

  • Janet Lance 1 month ago

    Amazing Pet Wellness Centre. My Chaz would love this place to be pampered in.

  • Debbie Beattie 1 month ago

    This sounds like a great place and I love all of the options they have available

  • Sandra J Lebeau 1 month ago

    I often wondered how all the dogs got on in doggie day care, now I know.

  • Regina Bruce 1 month ago

    What a wonderful place to provide such excellent care for dogs and cats. I love the holistic way they do things! Happy pets, happy life!

  • DonnaBeeGood 1 month ago

    Awww, cute puppies

  • Mike Gismondi 1 month ago

    Looks like a great place for pets!

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh 1 month ago

    look at all those happy animals

  • wendy hutton 3 weeks ago

    such nice dogs

  • Nancy Giese 3 weeks ago

    Lovely dogs – looks like a good place for pups

  • wendy hutton 2 weeks ago

    wonderful services for dogs

  • Catherine Cole 1 week ago

    My oldest dog would love this he thinks he is a little prince

  • Lisa G. 1 day ago

    always nice to hear that animals are taken care of.

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