Published on August 29, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Pork chops are a crowd-pleasing dish that your whole family will love. For an easy and delicious twist on classic pork chops, check out the video above or keep reading for step-by-step instructions on recreating these Spicy Apple Peach Butter Pork Chops.


What you’ll need: water, apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar, pork chops, butter, red onion, granny smith apple, peach, minced garlic, sriracha sauce


Step 1: Tenderize Your Chops

The secret to super tender pork chops is brining (or marinating) them for a good amount of time prior to cooking them. To create a brine, combine water, apple cider vinegar, salt, and sugar in a sealable bag. Leave your chops to soak in your homemade brine overnight, or for a couple of hours at least. 


Step 2: Prep Your Pan

After you’ve tenderized your pork chops, you’re ready to start cooking! Heat up a pan and add in a generous amount of butter.


Step 3: Slice And Dice

While your pan is heating up, you can begin thinly slicing your red onion, granny smith apple, and peach.


Step 4: Cook                     

Once your pan is nice and hot, and the butter is completely melted, add in your tenderized pork chops. Add a pinch of salt on each side of the chops, in addition to minced garlic and sriracha sauce. Then add your diced onion and apple to the pan, and let it simmer. Once your pork is cooked all the way through, remove from heat, plate, and enjoy!


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