Published on July 11, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

A well-placed, well-designed fireplace can be a selling point in a home. In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, Daniel Miles of Valor Fireplaces explains to Celebrity Designer Karla Dreyer how an existing wood burning fireplace can be converted into a radiant heat gas fireplace! Keep reading for the highlights of their Q & A. 


Q: If I have an existing wood burning fireplace in my home, how do I update it to suit contemporary styles, trends, and functionality? 

A: There are a couple of ways you can update your fireplace.  

  • Inserts. An insert is designed to go into an existing masonry of a wood burning fireplace. It’s a very specific product design, which can be used as an effective way to close the masonry opening using various trims and accessories, 
  • Zero Clearance Fireplace. On the other hand, zero clearance fireplaces involve a new construction scenario or renovation, which leaves you with a blank wall, where a brand-new fireplace can be framed in.  

Since inserts and zero clearance fireplaces are built and installed in different ways, it’s important for homeowners in the market for a fireplace upgrade to recognize the distinctions between the two. That’s where the dealers come in. The dealers are really meant to guide the customer and help them choose the right product for their unique needs.  


Q: Are there different sizes of fireplace inserts and zero clearance fireplaces? How does that work? 

A: Yes, there are different sizes. So, inserts come in three sizes, to accommodate to the size of the masonry fireplace. Alternatively, when it comes to zero clearance fireplaces, the sky’s the limit because you’re starting with a blank wall and no existing masonry. So, you can opt for big, small, and everything in between.  


For all your fireplace needs, take a visit to the Valor Fireplaces website. 


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