Published on February 15, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Who says romance has to cost a fortune? Award-winning event planner extraordinaire Rick Mayhew shares tips on how to save or splurge on a dinner party for two.

1. If, obviously, you’re trying to really save money and stuff, there are a lot of discount stores to go to and acquire. They’ve got some great stuff: chocolates, faux rose petals, candles, etc.

2. When you’re saving, using your own china and stuff at home. Let’s say you’re doing the event at home and you’re doing a nice dinner for your wife, and you want to surprise her. Pulling out the china, just because your a guy doesn’t mean you can’t fold a napkin or look on Google and learn how to do something simple that will add a romantic feel to the table.

3. Re-purpose flowers into a centerpiece! Here’s a great tip to make your flowers last longer: a lot of people buy long stem roses and then, once they start drooping, instead of tossing them, put them into a shorter display and it’ll last a week on your table after the event.


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