Published on September 14, 2018 by Marc & Mandy

Laundry rooms no longer have to be banished to the basement. Elevating your laundry room (A.K.A. bringing them up to the main level or top floor) not only increases ease of use, but it’s not so tough to pull off. In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show, celebrity designer Ami McKay shows us a beautiful, main floor laundry room you’ll love.

Ergonomic Placement

If your laundry room set-up calls for a lot of bending and straining, a more ergonomic set-up could end up saving your back. Ami recommends front-loading washer and dryers rather than top-loading. She also recommends a setup where both machines are at head level, making for an easier and more efficient laundry system.

Increased Storage

This laundry room includes plenty of millwork and extra storage. This way, you can store everything you could possibly need to do laundry, in the laundry room, saving your tons of time. Increased storage also makes for less clutter, which can be something of a Godsend when you’re dealing with a small space laundry room. 

Attractive Hooks

Wall-mounted hooks are both practical and can be integrated into the design aesthetic of the room. Stylized hooks, like the wooden ones shown in the video above, end up serving a functional and decorative purpose.

Pull-Out Drying Rack

Not all your clothes should be tossed in the wash, so save your clothes (and electricity while you’re at it) but utilizing a drying rack. The model shown in the video above can be extended and concealed very easily. 

Pull-Out Ironing Board

Along the same lines as the pull-out drying rack, is a concealable ironing board, which is ideal for a small space laundry room. 



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