Published on June 6, 2017 by Marc & Mandy

Designer Evelyn Eshun visits Union Lighting & Furnishings to do a little trend spotting for your home office!

As anyone who works from home likely knows, the way you decorate your workspace can greatly affect your productivity and focus. This can mean anything from the color you paint your office walls  to the furniture you choose. Of course, aesthetics and trendiness should also play some sort of role in your home office, as a well-decorated workspace is one you will be enthused to spend time in. With that in mind, here are some trendy ideas to implement in your home office. 

White & Reflective Surfaces 

One thing you should definitely take into account when decorating your home office is the light available to you, and further, how you can play with and enhance that light. One method is to utilize reflective surfaces, which will amplify the effects of your existing light sources. In that same spirit, white surfaces do a good job of reflecting available light as well. 


Geometry, be it in the form of wall art, tiles, or patterns on textile is trendy in general this year, your home office aside. In your home office, geometric elements can lend visual intrigue to an otherwise simplistic space, for example, the three dimensional wall treatment, as shown in the video above. 


Speaking of simplistic spaces, your home office should be relatively frill-free, in order to limit distractions. Think: lots of neutrals or subdued colors, practical furniture, and minimalistic texture choices for wall and textile.  

Natural Elements

What better way to lend tranquility to you workspace than to invite natural elements in. This can mean anything from wood and stone effects, to plant life. 


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