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There’s very little in life that trumps a great shower. If you couldn’t agree more with that statement, you’ll enjoy this special segment, featuring a product by Bathman. In this episode of The Marc and Mandy Show: Trend Spotting, Interior Designer Sarah Marie Lackey discusses a multi-functional shower head by Bathman and all of its great features.

The product: The Kura Shower Head
Product highlights: In addition to being a sleek looking product, suited to a variety of bathroom styles, the Kura shower head is equipped with a variety of functions. In addition to temperature, users can control things like the water pressure, the type of stream, and water fragrance. The Kura shower head also features chromotherapy technology, which utilizes the visible spectrum as a method of light therapy. Chromotherapy technology can be used to positively affect your energy levels and mood. For example, pink light is good for stress relief, blue light has a calming effect, green light is good for insomnia, and red is known to foster energy and blood circulation. So whatever your mood, you can choose a color and fragrance to match!


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